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Modern Warfare 2 will give you a tonne of multiplayer rewards for finishing the campaign

Call of Duty really wants you to play the campaign in Modern Warfare 2, even if you only care about multiplayer.

As we approach the launch of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward and Activision have revealed several incentives to get you to play - and finish - the game's campaign. Call of Duty is clearly going all out this year to drum up enthusiasm for what's traditionally been the game's least-played mode.

Like with the beta rewards before them, there are 17 unlocks up for grabs here, and one - the most significant - tied to finishing the campaign. The rewards will be available for use in multiplayer, Special Ops, and in Warzone 2.0 when it launches on November 16.

Exciting enough for you to play?

Each reward is likely tied to finishing certain missions, though the developer did not specify. Nevertheless, if you get early access to the campaign on October 20 by pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2, your unlocks will be ready to use at the launch of multiplayer a week later.

If you decide to wait, finishing the campaign any time after that will still grant you the same rewards. So what do you stand to unlock? Well, you're looking at four operators, four calling cards, an emblem, and a bunch of double XP and double weapon XP tokens.

The final unlock is Captain Price's signature M4 - the Union Guard weapon blueprint. Outside of its unique looks, this blueprint comes prerequired with four attachments: an optic, laser sight, silencer, and a vertical grip.

Everything you get for finishing the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

Here's everything you'll unlock, in order:

  1. 'Soap’s Determination' calling card.
  2. 'What’s Done Is Done' emblem.
  3. 30 minute double XP token.
  4. 30 minute double weapon XP token.
  5. 'Chainlinked' calling card.
  6. Chuy - base operator.
  7. 30 minute double XP token.
  8. 30 minute double weapon XP token.
  9. 'Gaz' calling card.
  10. Nova - base operator.
  11. One hour double XP token.
  12. One hour double weapon XP token.
  13. 'Shadow Company Ops' calling card.
  14. Reyes - base operator.
  15. One hour double XP token.
  16. One hour double weapon XP token.
  17. Hutch - base operator.
  18. Union Guard M4 weapon blueprint.

Modern Warfare 2 is out October 28 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can play the single-player campaign as early as October 20 if you pre-order the game.

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