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Loadouts are back in Warzone 2.0

Warzone 2.0's Initial showing had a much lesser emphasis on loadouts than the original Warzone, but this won't be the case for launch.

Thanks to new information, we now have plenty of fresh details about the upcoming Warzone 2.0 to chew through while we wait for the free-to-play game to drop next week.

The evolution of Call of Duty's battle royale mode is bringing back certain familiar features, but it's also revamping and drastically changing many others.

Did you finish the campaign yet?

While the majority of Warzone 2.0 details will be unveiled sometime ahead of its launch, the Call of Duty blog posted a rundown of the most basic, high-level changes.

The post kicked it off with confirmation that custom player loadouts will not be removed. While many players never expected them to be gone, Warzone 2.0's gameplay debut at Call of Duty Next in September left its fate in doubt. At the time, Infinity Ward showed a more detailed inventory system, and fewer ways for players to get their custom loadout.

This is not necessarily the case in the launch version. While loadout drops are gone, players will be able to purchase their custom loadouts from the Shops (Buy Station). There's also the option to acquire just the primary weapon, with no word on perks.

Loadout drops are still in the game, but they're now part of a server-wide event where players will need to fight for them. With the addition of AI enemies, clearing out a Stronghold or Black Site - two locations guarded by AI - will also net you a loadout in the early goings.

Strongholds are available during each match. The first team to complete one, will be given the task of disarming a bomb. Doing so will reward a key, which unlocks a Black Site (and earns everyone their loadouts). Black Sites are essentially tougher Strongholds, and they hold high-level gear and permanent blueprint unlocks.

While only the first team gets to earn a key to a Black Site, other teams can continue to attack Strongholds to earn their loadouts.

Team up with enemies in the new Gulag!

The Gulag is also different this time around. It's now a 2v2 fight where players will be paired randomly, and loadouts will be the same for everyone. The Gulag now includes AI, too, in the form of the Jailer, who spawns in the middle of the match.

All four players can either team up to defeat the Jailer and earn a comeback for all, or they could proceed with the standard setup. If everyone waits and the Jailer doesn't get eliminated, all four will die. There will also be more powerful weapons to pick up at the centre of the map.

Outside of the new circle collapse system that creates multiple random safe zones, and the new vehicle and refueling mechanics, players will also be able to interrogate downed enemies to learn the locations of their teammates.

In DMZ, and certain BR playlists, you'll also be able to form larger squads with players you run into in the match.

Warzone 2.0 arrives with Modern Warfare 2's Season One on Wednesday, November 16.

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