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Street Fighter Duel codes for April 2024

No button mashing needed.

Artwork for mobile game Street Fighter Duel showing Ryu and Ken about to fire a fireball at one another.
Image credit: Capcom, Crunchyroll Games
18th April 2024: We added new SF Duel codes.

Street Fighter Duel is the latest Street Fighter mobile game and is quoted on Google Play as "the official Street Fighter RPG mobile game for the casual Street Fighter fan". It's way less stressful than playing one of the bigger Street Fighter releases, so if you've ever tried getting into Capcom's iconic fighting series but struggled to pull off any combos, then the latest offering from Crunchyroll Games is for you.

Street Fighter Duel lets you collect over 40 iconic characters, including Ryu and Ken, and lets you put up to four fighters into your team at once. Special moves are triggered by simply tapping a button after it charges up and battles can be won in a matter of seconds. If you're just getting started and need a hand then make sure you use our of list Street Fighter Duel codes. These Exchange Codes let you claim free items and extra gems which'll help you level up your characters faster.

Latest Street Fighter Duel codes

There are actually two versions of Street Fighter Duel, one by Crunchyroll Games and one by A PLUS JAPAN, each with their own codes, so we've listed both versions below. If the code you are using doesn't work, it's likely you are playing the other version.

SFD Crunchyroll codes

  • MBday24: 200 Gems (NEW!)
  • D2TMNT: 200 Gems
  • FavFlower: 200 Gems
  • GenBday24: 200 Gems
  • ChunDay24: 200 Gems
  • 1stYRSFD: 400 Gems
  • SFDAnni1: 400 Gems
  • SFDVday: 200 Gems
  • SFDLuvsKen: 200 Gems
  • VegaDay27: 200 Gems
  • HNYSFD23: 400 Gems
  • HolidaySFD23: 400 Gems
  • DecapreDay: 200 Gems
  • PoisonDay: 200 Gems
  • NinjaBday6: 200 Gems
  • DanDay25: 200 Gems
  • YogaBday22: 200 Gems
  • ANYC2023: 500 Gems
  • Rolentoday: 200 Gems
  • BdayHakan: 200 Gems
  • NOV11VD: 300 Gems
  • 05AbelDay: Freebies
  • SumoBday: 200 Gems
  • DJday31: 200 Gems
  • FuerteDay: 200 Gems
  • ElenaDay: 200 Gems
  • YangDay: 200 Gems
  • YunDay: 200 Gems
  • HappyHalfAnni: 500 Gems
  • GuyDay: 200 Gems
  • EVO23LIVE: 500 Gems
  • RufusDay: 200 Gems
  • THawkDay: 200 Gems
  • RyuDay: 200 Gems
  • 4THOFJULY: 300 Gems
  • SFDiscord20K: 1,000 Gems, 20 A Grade Fragment
  • HimeSFD500: 500 Gems
  • MonHunSFD: 500 Gems
  • Time2FRYYY: 300 Gems
  • SFDTweets: 300 Gems
  • SFDiscord: 300 Gems
  • SFDLaunch: 300 Gems


  • SFD2024: Free Gems
  • SFDAnni1: Free Gems
  • VegaDay27: Free Gems
  • HNYSFD23: Free Gems
  • BDayGuile: Freebies
  • DecapreDay: Free Gems
  • PoisonDay: Free Gems
  • NinjaBday6: Free Gems
  • DanDay25: Free Gems
  • YogaBday22: Free Gems
  • BdayHakan: Free Gems
  • SumoBday: Free Gems
  • DJday31: Free Gems
  • FuerteDay: Free Gems
  • ElenaDay: Free Gems
  • YangDay: Free Gems
  • YunDay: Free Gems
  • HappyHalfAnni: Free Gems
  • THawkDay: 200 Gems
  • RyuDay: 200 Gems
  • SFD77777: 300 Gems
  • SFD88888 : 300 Gems
  • SFDMonHun: 500 Gems
  • STPatrickSFD: 300 Gems
  • IGNAwards2023: 500 Gems
  • SFDTop1: 800 Gems
  • SFDiscord: 300 Gems

We'll be sure to keep an eye out for more Street Fighter Duel codes for both the A PLUS and Crunchyroll versions and update this page as and when new codes become available.

How to redeem Street Fighter Duel codes

Not sure how to redeem a code in Street Fighter Duel? Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top left hand corner.
  2. In the Basic Info screen look for "Exchange Code" button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. An in-game screenshot of Street Fighter Duel showing where players need to redeem a promotional exchange code.
    Image credit: Capcom, Crunchyroll Games
  4. Click it and a new menu will appear with a textbox.
  5. Enter the code in it and then press "Confirm".

Have you run out of Street Fighter Duel codes to redeem? Don't worry, you can still get a bunch of in-game freebies. Street Fighter Duel runs login awards events which offer items like Gems and Arcade Coins. In the run-up to the Street Fighter Duel x Monster Hunter crossover event a login promo was available which offered Arcade Coins and an exclusive chat bubble.

Checkout our Street Fighter Duel Tier List for help building the perfect team. Or if you need a change of scene, there are plenty of other free-to-play mobile games. To help you get started, have a look at our list of Honkai Star Rail codes, Genshin Impact codes, Honkai Impact codes and Tower of Fantasy codes.

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