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Steam’s latest Among Us-type viral sensation is outselling Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Lethal Company is beating out its lethal company.

A player with a flashlight in Lethal Company.
Image credit: VG247/Zeekerss

The latest game to come out of nowhere and unexpectedly take Steam by storm is an indie co-op horror title called Lethal Company, which currently sits higher than the latest Call of Duty on the platform’s top sellers list.

Having already passed up the likes of Baldur's Gate 3 and Apex Legends late last week, the game now sits second on Steam’s Global Top Sellers ranking, having overtaken the likes of Modern Warfare 3 and Counter-Strike 2. Yup, it looks to be proving more popular than everything but the Steam Deck, which currently holds the number one spot.

Since we first covered the game's meteoric rise, it's also managed to smash through the 100,000 concurrent player milestone. "Unbelievable, thank you for playing," Lethal Company's solo developer Zeekerss in a Tweet acknowledging the achievement, adding: "Releasing updates for this game will be very fun."

They've also been busy teasing some upcoming additions to the game, tweeting: "(It's) been weeks since I started planning for it, but I just noticed the next enemy is seasonal! I wanted them to be in the game at release. And no, these ones will not be 'creatures' as I refer to the rest. These are Enemies. Antagonists. Combatants. Foes. Enjoy this pre-invasion time."

If you haven’t yet been sucked into playing Lethal Company or watching a streamer do so, the central premise behind it is simple. You play a worker whose job is “to collect scrap from abandoned, industrialised moons to meet the Company's profit quota”, with each moon being a little bit of a different challenge. For example, some are home to creatures that can be scanned and added to an in-game bestiary.

Successfully meeting each goal gives you and your crew cash that can be spent to “travel to new moons with higher risks and rewards”, with “fancy suits and decorations for your ship” also being on offer.

While the game is still in early access following its initial release last month, this formula has proven very popular already, with it now having amassed close to 23,000 user reviews on Steam, the vast majority of which are very positive.

“I plan to finish it within 6 months,” Zeekerss writes regarding their future plans for the game on its Steam page, “With that said, it will remain early access until I'm satisfied with it. This depends on players' reactions to it and how I feel about it myself.”

If you’re after some cool Lethal Company mods, make sure to check out this guide, which’ll run you through some of the best on offer right now and how to go about installing them.

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