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How to start the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update | Autoshop Price, LS Car Meet Location

Drivers at the ready, it’s time to show off your flashiest wheels with the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update.

Alongside some fresh vehicles to acquire, this latest update drops new races to compete in and a new social space: the LS Car Meet.

If that wasn't enough, you've also got a new business venture to explore. There are now 5 purchasable autoshop locations to choose from, which unlock "mini-heist" missions around town.

How to start the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update

To mark your space out on the grid, you first need to head over to "a non-descript, graffitied warehouse" in Cypress Flats area of the city.

After you've installed the update, you'll get a text message from the LS Car Meet inviting you to join.

Over on the southeast of the map, you'll see an "LS" icon.

This is where you need to go to start the Los Santos Tuners update.

Los Santos Tuners New Jobs - Autoshop Prices

After the intro cutscene, you'll be given access to a couple of new job givers.

First, inside of the LS Car Meet, is Mimi. She'll offer a variety of races for you to drive in that let you build up your reputation with the meet.

As you increase your rep, you'll not only earn the right to pay the trade price for the new cars in the Los Santos Tuners update, but access to other tuner club-themed items as well.

Your membership to the LS Car Meet costs $50,000.

You can then go talk to the race organizer in the top left corner of the Car Meet garage to start racing.

Or for some naughtier jobs from KDJ and Sessanta, you'll need an autoshop as your base of operations.

Open up your iFruit and head over to MazeBank Foreclosures, where you'll see 5 new Autoshops on the map for you to buy.

The cheapest autoshop, Mission Row, will run you nearly $1.7 million. Whereas the most expensive, La Mesa, costs $1.9 million.

  • Mission Row - $1,670,000
  • Strawberry - $1,705,000
  • Rancho - $1,750,000
  • Burton - $1,830,000
  • La Mesa - $1,920,000

As for optional upgrades, maxing out your autoshop will cost:

  • Style - $450,000
  • Tint - $187,500
  • Emblem - $154,500
  • Staff- $770,000
  • Extras (Personal Quarters + Car Lift) - $990,000

That's a grand total of $4,472,000 if you buy the most expensive, La Mesa, autoshop as well.

To start the missions from KDJ and Sessanta, you need to travel to your new autoshop location, watch the cutscene, then interact with the job board upstairs in the office area.

Remember to make sure passive mode is disabled, then access the Sercuroserv option on your menu to register as a CEO.

This drops you into the Setup mission, where you have to rescue Sesssanta's car from the La Mesa police impound lot. It's a relatively simple mission where you steal back the car, lose the cops, and drive back to your shop.

Another cutscene is waiting for you when you return, and after that, you now have access to the regularly rotating list of "mini-heist" contracts. There are six contracts in total.

To complete them, you need to tick off prep work tasks like scoping out the target before you can pull off the main event.

For more on the latest update, check out all the new cars in the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners drop, here.

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