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Starfield's latest update gives you the ability to seamlessly chew through the galaxy's food supplies

Nom, nom, nom, no-(begins to choke on a week-old Chunks pie).

A sandwich in Starfield
Image credit: VG247/Bethesda

Update 1.8.86 for Starfield has officially arrived and, in addition to bringing Nvidia DLSS support to the masses, it includes a new mechanic that’ll let you immediately consume every food or drink item you come across.

Yes, that’s right, get ready to embrace your inner Homer Simpson and race through the Settled Systems with your mouth agape, swallowing up all manner of snacks and beverages like some kind of human Pac-Man. Do be careful though, as stomach bugs aren’t on the list of fixes included in the update.

As outlined in its patch notes, 1.8.86’s additions include the introduction of the ability to eat an item via a prompt that’ll seemingly pop up as soon as you look at it, rather than having to take it into your inventory and scarf it down via a menu. Woo, Immersion!

If you’re on PC and own a compatible Nvidia graphics card, you’ll also now be able to “use DLSS Super Resolution, Deep Learning Anti-aliasing (DLAA), Nvidia Reflex Low Latency, and DLSS Frame generation” to boost the game’s graphical fidelity. You might have already gotten a taste of this highly-requested feature if you opted into the update’s recent Steam Beta.

Also on tap in the update are some fixes that have either put an end to something hilarious or saved you from frustration. For example, in terms of the former, you should now be less likely to run into an NPC that doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothes or have Andreja’s head randomly disappear thanks to a permanent invisibility cloak.

Meanwhile, a rare issue that was apparently causing players to lose their home ships and one which led in-progress skill challenges to stop progressing once you reached the Unity and started a new game are on the list of potentially maddening mishaps that Bethesda says it’s dealt with. There are also plenty of minor fixes aimed at problems afflicting specific quests.

In other Starfield news, if you’re craving a fresh challenge make sure to check out this mod that adds a bunch of hardcore survival mechanics - including the need to eat and drink - to the game.

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