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Starfield speedrunner smashes the game in less than three hours

Still in the early access period, Starfield players are hitting credits in less than 10 hours easy.

Starfield hasn't even been out for a week, and a small community of early access players are smashing though the game is record time. The sci-fi RPG - expected to last the average players dozens if not hundreds of hours - is being smashed out in less than ten hours easy. One player has even clocked a sub-three hour run.

All of this info can be found in the Starfield speedrunning Discord server, a budding community slowly growing as a hub for all Starfield-related speedrunning strategies, techniques, discussion, and run recordings. Already, before the vast majority of players have even jumped into the game, tricks are being shared between the day one runners.

Currently the crown jewel of said Discord community is a run by user Micrologist - who posted their 2:51:42 time to the server and YouTube in the late hours of last night. In it, we can already see the parts of the game you can blaze through quickly, as well as the spots where things slow to a crawl.

In addition, there's already work being done digging into bugs and exploits inside Starfield. An admin in the Discord server named Meta raised the question on using third person punching in an attempt to warp or clip through in-game barriers. After some testing, players found that you could in-fact trigger a short teleport, but no successful attempt at clipping through the environment has worked as of yet. The work continues.

If you've got any interest in Starfield speedrunning, now is a really magical time to jump into the scene and get involved yourself. Right now is when discovery happens, when people test out every aspect of the game and push against Starfield's boundaries in order to figure out how exactly the game works, as well as how they can take advantage of the game's peculiarities. It's bound to get even better too - as a new wave of players join up on September 6 when the game releases for the general public.

How fast was your first playthrough of Starfield? Are you still playing it? You probably are, but let us know below!

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