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Starfield players are building Star Wars, Halo, and hot dog themed ships

The game's only been out a week, but players are making some impressive spaceships.

Starfield has only been out a week, but players have quickly proved that its ship build can let you make pretty much anything.

The Starfield feature that was quite easily one of the most exciting for many players was the ship builder. People even started building ships before the game came out, they were that excited. But the game is in people's hands now, and lots of players have started pushing the game's ship builder to its limits, crafting some genuinely impressive looking spacecrafts.

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You'll probably be very unsurprised that a lot of people are living out their Star Wars fantasies through Starfield, like with this Imperial Star Destroyer build that lets you masquerade as a space fascist.

Tried making an Imperial Star Destroyer
byu/SloPr0 inStarfield

Alternatively, you can be a space anti-fascist with this neat X-Wing build.

X-Wing - Custom Build
byu/Fudgiebrown inStarfield

Of course, you could always pretend to be a space dickhead (yes, putting space in front of it does make it different) through a really impressive-looking Millennium Falcon inspired ship.

Update to the Millennium Falcon build
byu/Chief1123 inStarfield

Star Wars isn't the only franchise that players are drawing from, though. Some have even touched on Halo, specifically the UNSC frigate Forward Unto Dawn.

Or if Halo's pelican is more your style, there's that as an option too.

Mass Effect fans might also be interested in recreating the very popular Normandy, with this particular build being fully operational too.

Some players opted for the sillier route, which I think is the best thing you can do with a game. Because of that, you can in fact make yourself a hot dog ship, which is possibly the best one I've seen yet.

Not sure if its been done before, I call it the Frankfurter
byu/vr989 inStarfield

Except it isn't, because another player made a capybara, so I take back what I said about the hot dog ship (sorry hot dog ship).

My boyfriend spend his last hour to build an capybara ship
byu/Luu-69 inStarfield

And of course, what would a Bethesda game be without a Thomas the Tank Engine themed ship. Oh, and yes, someone has already modded Thomas into the game.

Okay, can we get serious now? Tomas the Freaking Engine
byu/MrCaine332 inStarfield

If you need some help with understanding just how Starfield's ship building works, we've got a guide set up that runs you through all the steps you need to know. Alternatively, we've also got a guide covering all of the best free Starfield ships, if you're not much of a builder.

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