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Starfield New Game Plus explained

Here's New Game Plus in Starfield explained, both with and without spoilers.

The player in a temple in Starfield, where they will unlock their first power
Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

Starfield has dozens if not hundreds of hours of content to plough through, and even more planets for you to discover and survey. However, for some, that won’t be enough, and a run through the game on New Game Plus will be in order.

With that in mind, Starfield does have New Game Plus, although it’s shaping up to be a little different than what we’re used to from most games by now. We’re going to explain it with and without spoilers, just in case you want to experience it all for yourself, or would rather know-all ahead of time. Here’s Starfield’s New Game Plus explained.

Starfield’s New Game Plus explained - without spoilers

When you finally reach Starfield’s final main mission, you’ll be given a decision to make. You can continue this particular run of Starfield, or begin your New Game Plus run of the game.

How you actually do all this is embedded within Starfield’s story, and this is explained in finer detail below.

If you go through with New Game Plus, you’ll keep ahold of all your levels, unlocked skills, and powers. You will, however, lose all of your inventory; this includes any cool weapons, spacesuits, credits, and anything you’ve picked up during your journey. You'll also lose any relationships you'd been working on, and side quest progress.

You’ll then be able to go on an entirely new experience of Starfield, with the added option to skip any main quests if you don’t fancy going through all of them again. As is usually the case with New Game Plus, you won’t go into a fresh run of Starfield completely empty handed, either…

If you do not want any spoilers of Starfield’s ending, how New Game Plus ties into it, and what you unlock, we recommend that you stop reading here. Spoilers ahead!

Starfield’s New Game Plus explained - spoiler warning

During Starfield’s final mission, you can continue exploring Starfield as you are, or will be able to walk into the light ahead of you. If you do the latter, you’ll start Starfield again in New Game Plus as a Starborn.

You’ll then be able to do everything you were doing in Starfield beforehand, but this time, you’ll have kept your levels and skills from your last run. You’ll lose your inventory, cargo, your relationships, and any quest progress, but this barely matters when you’ve a brand-new spacesuit and ship to ogle; the Starborn Spacesuit Astra and a Starborn Guardian spaceship.

If you managed to get your space mitts on all the powers you could find during your base run of Starfield, we’ve more good news. In New Game Plus, you’ll have an entirely new set of artifacts to retrieve, and therefore even more powers to unlock and use. There's 24 powers in total, so be sure to go find them all!

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