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Starfield romance options: How to get married

Can love be in the air if space is a vacuum?

The player having a flirty conversation with Sarah Morgan, one of the characters you can marry in Starfield
Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

The sound of wedding bells might not be able to penetrate the vacuum of space, but you can still find love in the furthest reaches of the galaxy. Once you find that special someone, it’s possible to get married in Starfield by completing a special “commitment” quest with that person.

Your betrothal is basically an extension of the traditional romance system you find in other Bethesda games, but with fewer hoops to jump through and a more specific story. You don’t have to find a special wedding ring, or even give your would-be spouse a gift of any kind.

However, once you go through with the nuptials your new partner will give you a special gift to symbolize your commitment. But just like in real life, marriages in Starfield don’t have to be forever. It’s as easy as a line of text in a dialogue box to call everything off if you decide at a later date you don’t want to be tied down.

With that said, here’s all romance options and how to get married in Starfield!

All romance options in Starfield

In Starfield, there are four romanceable companions you can choose from. They are as follows:

That said, there are other characters in Starfield that you can recruit as companions, but you won't be able to marry these.

How to marry Sarah Morgan in Starfield

After travelling with Sarah for a while, she will periodically ask to speak with you if you keep choosing dialogue options she likes. Generally, she likes taking the “good” options, standing up for the little guy and helping those in need. She doesn’t like being taken for a ride or messed around by nefarious characters, so avoid accepting any sordid deals. She also doesn’t like big corporations like the Trade Authority, so choose your own independence over being at the beck and call of the powerful.

Every time Sarah wants to speak about something, you get an Activity quest log each time, and she reveals more and more about her personal life and backstory. At the end of these exchanges, choose the “[flirt]” options when they appear - even if they’re a lot more forward than just flirting in a lot of cases.

This begins the budding romance between the two of you which will eventually lead to marriage.

Eventually, she reveals her past in the UC Navy and her role in losing a crew-full of people during the Colony War. Desperate to prove herself worthy of command, she evacuated her crew on a transport that got blown up while she stayed behind, but could later evacuate to safety. She feels guilty for the incident and asks you to help her return to where it happened for some closure, which kicks off the 'In Memoriam' quest. To do that, you first need to go to visit Admiral Logan at MAST to get the details of where Sarah was rescued from.

  • In Memoriam quest

Go to MAST and take the elevator to the Central Command floor. Inside his office you find the Admiral. After some choice words, he calms down and accepts Sarah’s mission. With the info, your focus turns to Cassiopeia in the top-left of the map. Jump there, then land at the ship site.

Talk to Sarah on the surface before setting off to the next marker. Then at the wreckage, talk to Sarah. You need a power cell to reboot the shelter’s computer, which you can find atop the nearby plateau. At the top, grab the cell and defeat the monsters that ambush you, then return to slot the cell. There’s more beasties waiting for you, so beware. Inside the escape pod, interact with the computer and download the telemetry data, then talk to Sarah.

Get back into your ship and hop to the new ship crash site. Make your way to the marker and you find another escape pod with potential survivors. Head inside and speak to Sona, the child of two of the stranded space mariners. While Sarah talks to her, your job is to go and grab the genetags of the crew from the graveyard, fighting the beasts on the way. When you return you have to convince Sona to come back to Jemison with you, which is obviously the right decision, she even says she dreams of being safe from the monsters.

Head back to New Atlantis and talk to Admiral Logan. Give him the genetags and he says the lost crew will finally be properly honored. Head to the Lodge to talk to Sona and she’s happy as a pig in a sty. Take Sarah to the war memorial near the embassies, then the waterfall, and you then get the option to finish the romance arc. You get 6500 credits and a load of XP, as well as a new relationship with Sarah.

However, things don’t stop there. As you continue your adventures, she will keep asking to speak to you and reveal more personal backstory. With your relationship high enough, you get the option for “commitment” which lets you get married.

After another while, Sarah asks for her old mentor, Aja, to conduct the ceremony. You can then decide who else to invite to the wedding. Based on your experiences, you can invite her mother, but she refuses everyone else.

For the wedding to take place, make your way to Paradiso in the Porrima system on the right-hand side of the map.

Talk to Sarah when you land. She says that Aja will meet you by the ocean and that you should speak to her mother before the ceremony, if you invite her that is. You can then enjoy the ceremony, choosing the vows that best suit your character. When you’ve decided what you want to say, Sarah finalizes proceedings with a wedding gift. You are then pronounced married!

How to marry Andreja in Starfield

You’ll run into Andreja while completing the main quest - ‘Into the Unknown’ - and will be able to recruit her as a companion from there on out. She’s a neutral character in terms of morals, and doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, but does draw the line when it comes to unnecessary cruelty or bloodshed.

As a companion, her skills lie in combat and stealth, so she’s a good follower to have roaming around space with you. And, of course, if you take a real liking to her, you can get married.

After recruiting Andreja as a companion, have her follow you. Then, you’ll want to complete quests alongside her until your friendship level is high enough with her for the ‘Divided Loyalties’ quest to unlock. At this point, you’ll also want to take the opportunity to use any ‘[Flirt]’ dialogue options that appear.

This particular companion quest will teach you a lot about Andreja’s past, in which she was an informant for the Va’ruun sent to infiltrate the Constellation. Much like what you’ll have been doing infiltrating the Crimson Fleet for the UC Vanguard, if you agreed to take on that particular mission.

  • Divided Loyalties quest

When you’re finally given the Divided Loyalties quest in Starfield, you’ll first need to travel to Akila City and speak with Aggie about the whereabouts of Andreja’s friend. After the conversation, make your way to Eren’s Camp on the planet of Hyla II. You’ll need to defeat some zealots when you arrive.

When the zealots are dead, follow Andreja, where you’ll find Eren’s body. You’ll then need to find information about Jaeda, which can be found on a Data Slate on the desk in the upstairs of Eren’s Camp. Speak with Andreja again, who will tell you that you need to travel to The Den next.

Board the Den and speak with the locals about Jaeda’s whereabouts. You’ll be able to pay barman, Orval, 1000 Credits for their location. With that information, you can then track down Jaeda’s ship and defeat the zealots pursuing them. Board the ship and speak to them.

It’ll become clear that a certain someone has been sending Zealots after Andreja’s friends, and it’s not The High Council that Jaeda suggests. Defeat the Captain Zealot for Jaeda, and then speak with Andreja aboard your ship. She will tell you to travel to a derelict space station, without any other details; fast travel over there and board.

Follow Andreja over to some control panels and let her do her thing. Then, follow her again over towards the NPC she has been pursuing: Tomisar. During the dialogue with him, you can choose to kill him or keep him alive, with neither option bearing any weight. We chose to kill him, because why not.

The player has a choice between romance and friendship with Andreja in the Lodge in Starfield
Select the romance option to eventually marry Andreja. | Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

Andreja will then request that you return to the Lodge with her, where she talks about her sense of place and the Constellation now being the only place she can call home. You’ll then be given a choice to pursue friendship or romance with Andreja. Select the romance option. She will ask that you are sure, and you’ll be given the option to go back on your decision if you wish. If you’re hoping to marry Andreja, select “I am all yours, for as long as you want me.”

With the ‘Divided Loyalties’ quest complete, you’ll want to keep speaking with Andreja and completing actions that she likes. From here on out, you’ll be able to flirt with her and will want to keep doing so until you, later, have the ‘commitment’ dialogue option.

The ‘commitment’ option will see the pair of you get married, when Andreja is ready. Once you pick up the “Commitment: Andreja” quest, you’ll be able to finally go and get hitched in a very unique ceremony that is different to ones you may experience with other companions.

How to marry Barrett in Starfield

Barrett might be a familiar name, as he's one of the first spacefarer's you'll encounter in Starfield. He even graciously gives you his ship, the Frontier, and friendly robot, Vasco! As a member of the Constellation, Barret is all about space exploration and the greater good, but he's rather relaxed; he won't care about your petty crime, but he will have something to say about larger crimes or unnecessary bloodshed.

The player speaks with Barrett in the library of the Lodge in Starfield
Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

You'll have to complete main quest 'Back to Vectera' to be reunited with Barrett and recruit him as a companion. Then, you can have him travel with you wherever you please, or assign him as crew on your ship.

After earning the affections of Barrett for long enough, you'll unlock his companion quest 'Breach of Contract'. Complete this and choose to 'flirt' with Barrett whenever the opportunity arises to establish that you want a committed relationship with him.

You will then need to continue proving to Barrett that you're the one until his commitment quest arises. This will see the pair of you finally marry. We'll detail more on that soon!

How to marry Sam Coe in Starfield

Sam Coe is one of many members of the Freestar Collective, and as far as his beliefs go, he's on the side of the law. So, if you're committing any crime or going against the grain in Starfield by any means, you're best of leaving Sam Coe behind for the time being.

The player speaks with Sam Coe in the conservatory of the Lodge in Starfield
Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

To meet with and recruit Sam Coe as a companion, you'll want to do one of the first quests that's dished out to you in Starfield: 'The Empty Nest.' As is the case with most romanceable companions, if you plan on marrying Sam Coe, you'll want to use the 'flirt' dialogue option with him whenever it is available. We'll make sure to add a walkthrough of the quest soon!

After spending enough time with Sam Coe and completing actions or dialogue that he approves of, you'll eventually unlock a companion quest called 'Matters of the Hart'. Completion of this will establish that you want a romantic relationship with Sam, though you will need to continue earning his affections for a while longer before their commitment quest unlocks.

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