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Starfield Mantis puzzle solution

Dodge some lazers and grab yourself the Mantis suit

Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

Early on in Starfield, you’re going to want to trade off the Frontier for something with a little more… legacy. Lucky for you, there’s a nice (and somewhat straightforward) questline that will net you an amazing ship, some great armor, and a cool bit of lore about the world of Starfield very early on in the game.

However, as you head towards the end of the mission, you will find a special room that's loaded with turrets and traps. On the floor, there are a bunch of bodies, as well as various rows of buttons, all marked with letters. Stepping on the wrong panel, or trying to jump over them, will activate the turrets and you'll be dead in no time.

How to solve the Mantis puzzle

Path needed to walk through lazer room
Be sure to step only on the letter you need to. | Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

To solve the Mantis puzzle you'll need to step on the correct tiles while walking across the room, and while learning about the lore of the ship through dataslates, you'll come across one titled "Leon Volcain - Sic Sempter Tyrannis". This dataslate is essentially an audio clip of him complaining about his mom sending him here to claim his inheritance - you can grab a few other dataslates too if you want the full story.

The answer to getting across the room is actually in the title of the dataslate - the Mantis puzzle solution is TYRANNIS. All you need to do now is spell out the word as you work your way across the room, but you might as well visit the bodies on the way and pick up some extra loot.

The Mantis Suit in all its glory | Image credit: Bethesda/VG247

Once across the room, and after fighting a bunch of robots, you'll be able to grab the Mantis suit and unlock the Mantis Ship. The ship has some cool little features too, including shielded cargo holds and an armory.

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