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Square Enix Humble Bundle sale offers up to 85 percent off

Have you ever wanted a super sale on Square Enix titles? Well, Humble Bundle is currently hosting a Square Enix publisher sale for up to 85% percent off select games. However, as a heads up, many of the most popular titles are actually closer to 50 to 60% off. Discounted games include a respectable number of well-known names including Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and even the infamous Balan Wonderworld.

Final Fantasy 7 is noticeably absent, but not without other games to make up for it. Square was especially generous with the Final Fantasy titles, which ranged from the most recent Final Fantasy 15 game to the original PC port of Final Fantasy 8. In fact, now might be a good time to catch up on old Final Fantasy classics. After all, Square Enix admitted to holding back on Final Fantasy 16 and working on a long list of remakes.

Only a few Dragon Quest games made the sale including Dragon Quest Heroes, Dragon Quest Heroes 2, and Dragon Quest Builders 2. Out of these, Dragon Quest Builders 2 earned an especially notable thumbs up from our reviewer as a charming and unique block-building RPG. Square announced Dragon Quest 12 as the next installment in the series. However, the title is currently in development with no release date in sight. 

Other standout IPs in the sale include the remastered Secret of Mana, old-school inspired JRPG Octopath Traveler, and cult classic Chrono Trigger. If you’re curious about Balan Wonderland, it’s currently half-price at $15. Although, with how hard critics dunked on it, maybe it’s best to consider other alternatives.

Humble Bundle offers buyers a flexible “pay what you want” model for discounted game bundles. However, the Square Enix publisher sale isn’t a bundle, so these sales discounts should be as listed. For even more discounts in gaming, tech, and entertainment, visit Jelly Deals or give us a follow on Twitter.

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