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Looks like many more Square Enix remakes are on the way

Forever Entertainment will be working with Square Enix on remakes of "several" titles which will reportedly all be from the same "brand" that the publisher owns. But what could they be?

Forever Entertainment, a Polish studio based out of Kraków and founded back in 2010, has signed an agreement with Square Enix to work on several of the publisher's games and release them as remakes, a report from Biznes claims.

As per the article, Forever Entertainment's projects will feature "a new graphic design". Purists, fret not: "gameplay and scenario" elements of the final games will remain consistent with the original versions. All the games are going to come from the same Square Enix brand, but that doesn't really narrow it down. From the sounds of things, we're not expecting projects on the same scale as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, either.

It sounds a little bit more like what we're seeing from the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes we heard about last week, then, or something similar at least.

Forever Entertainment will earn over 50% of the game revenue generated across all platforms and will have to front development costs itself.

Though you may not have heard of some of the more recent Forever Entertainment projects (including Frederic: Evil Strikes Back, Merchants of Aidan, Sparkle 3 Genesis, Violett: Remastered Edition, Zombilli, and more besides), you probably will be familiar with the developer's work on the Panzer Dragoon remaster on Switch.

Square Enix has had trouble with remasters and remakes in the past, with a lot of classic legacy titles appearing mangled on modern hardware when they're ported across. A quick recap of the Chrono Trigger PC version that launched in 2018 will tell you that much (though Square Enix fixed it in the end). The Android and iOS version of Final Fantasy VI leaves a lot to be desired, too.

That said, Square Enix handled Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, Crystal Chronicles Remastered, and more besides quite well, showing it learned its lesson from some less-than-spectacular efforts.

Here's hoping Forever Entertainment can live up to the mighty legacy of Square Enix's extended back catalogue.

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