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A Splatoon 3 player took over a Nintendo shareholder meeting over male customisation options

The player had to scrape up the funds to buy shares in the company.

A Splatoon 3 player was so unhappy with the male customisation options in the game that he bought over $3000 in shares to attend a shareholder meeting to complain.

Whether the games are for you or not, it can't be argued that the Splatoon series has an incredible sense of style, and some really great customisation options. Except one player doesn't feel that way about Splatoon 3, at least not for the male inklings - as reported by Video Games SI, a player recently spoke up at Nintendo's latest shareholder meeting, causing a bit of a ruckus over the lack of customisation options for male inklings.

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"The company has blatantly given the boys in Splatoon the cold shoulder and I would like to see some improvement," the player reportedly said. He went on to talk about how while Splatoon 1 and 2 had a lot more limited options, they were balanced across male and female inklings, but "in Splatoon 3, there is a lot more customization, and there is clear favouritism towards girl characters over boys." He apparently argued his case by pointing towards the supposedly more dynamic hair options available to female inklings, as well as profile icons and emotes that he believes are better designed for them too.

"It makes me extremely sad when people say ‘If you enjoy playing as a boy, then you won’t enjoy playing Splatoon,'" he also said.

As shared by Twitter user NStyles, who also attended the meeting, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa eventually interrupted the man saying that the question was too long. This apparently didn't stop the player, so Furukawa continued to listen, simply thanking him for playing, and moving on.

The player himself even shared on Twitter that he bought the ¥512,000 ($3,570) worth of shares by buying Nintendo Switch OLEDs using a credit card, and selling them at a loss, just to attend the meeting to voice his complaints.

It should be noted that none of the clothing options or customisation options are gender locked in Splatoon 3, you can wear and lock however you want, masculine or feminine. But hey, everyone has their own battles, I guess.

At this week's Nintendo Direct, a new Splatfest was announced, this time the theme being which ice cream flavour is the best.

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