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Oh dear, Sony is reportedly cutting funding for PS VR2 titles, with apparently only two titles currently in development internally

Not looking good for the very expensive headset.

A PS VR2 headset with two controllers in front of a blue background.
Image credit: Sony PlayStation

The PlayStation VR2 is only a little over a year old, but it's sounding like Sony is already winding down its investment in VR titles.

A lot of companies have made a range of attempts at virtual reality, but it hasn't really taken off in the way some might have hoped. The Meta Quest is pretty successful, but that's in one part because there's no annoying cables to deal with, but also because it's comparatively affordable (and you don't need an expensive PC either). Sony continued its attempt to have its own slice of the VR pie last year with the release of the PS VR2, its follow-up VR headset designed specifically for the PS5. But, it doesn't seem to have gone all that well, with a report earlier this year claiming that Sony paused production on the headset because it needed to shift a backlog of them first.

Now, a new report from Android Central claims that Sony appears to be making cuts to funding for VR games, according to one source that spoke with the outlet. The report paraphrased the source, but distilled it to: "there will be very few opportunities for VR game development at Sony going forward." Another source apparently claimed only two PS VR2 games are currently in development at Sony, which isn't exactly confidence inspiring for the future of the headset.

Assuming the report is true, it isn't exactly surprising. It did release with a retail price of a whopping $550, which is more than the launch price of the PS5 itself. Sony is finally introducing the ability to let you use your PS VR2 on PC, though that will cost you an extra $60 anyway, so not particularly ideal either. Perhaps it'll find a new lease of life there, but with numerous other PC VR headsets on the market, and a PS5 with minimal VR games, it begs the question of why you'd pick one up in the first place. Maybe the recently revealed Behemoth will save the day.

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