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Someone's made a whole new Pokemon game inside Minecraft - without any third-party mods

Pokemon fans and Minecraft modders pull off an incredible feat.

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There are loads of good Minecraft mods out there, and plenty of them are Pokemon-themed, but few are as ambitious as this one.

Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst is a single-player Minecraft map build over 2.5 years by a modding team called Phoenix Projects. It presents a fully playable Pokemon adventure in the style of the core series - except you can freely explore the 3D world.

Recreating Pokemon in Minecraft is impressive enough, but this one was done from scratch - no external mods were used in pulling it together. It's vanilla Minecraft, tweaked and repurposed for Poke-ventures.

Cobalt & Amethyst is set in an all-new region with 136 unique Pokemon rendered in beautifully blocky forms. The story concerns the machinations of an antagonist bent on releasing "a Legendary darkness", and the player will have to contend with Team Tempest as they seek to prevent this calamity. Series mainstays like the rival character and a helpful professor also play an important role.

Visit Phoenix Projects to download the map and access a walkthrough, in case the change to Minecraft controls interferes with your well-honed Pokemon instincts. The video above has some important information on getting it running, too. Just as a disclaimer, we haven't tried this for ourselves and cannot verify the contents of the package, so think well before downloading.

I'm not sure what the legalities are on Minecraft mods, but it's probable Nintendo will have something to say about Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst - so if you are interested in trying this, do it before the takedowns strike.

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