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Sleeping Dogs DLC set to add new island and storyline

Sleeping Dogs is set to receive a substantial story-based expansion later this year. The Zodiac Tournament Pack will add a new island to the game, as Wei Shen is invited to an exclusive fighting tournament held away from Hong Kong.

This pack includes new arenas, enemies, bosses, outfits and cut-scenes. I'm struggling to picture anything other than Mortal Kombat.

Square Enix has also announced the Dragon Master Pack, which brings together five snippets of Sleeping Dogs DLC that has already been released. Xbox 360 users can pick this up now, while European PS3 players will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here's what you can nab for 640 Microsoft Points, or £5.10 on PSN and Steam (a cheaper alternative to buying each pack separately):

-Triad Enforcer Pack (Two new missions, a new vehicle, outfit and a golden cleaver weapon)
-Police Protection Pack (A new police racing mission, police car and SWAT assault rifle)
-Martial Arts Pack (Shaolin Showdown mission, outfit and Wing Chun decoration for your safehouse)
-GSP Pack (GSP-branded outfit with stat and move bonuses)
-Deep Undercover Pack (Plain clothes outfit, police car and CB Radio decoration)

Plenty more DLC will be available as we head towards Christmas. The publisher has already announced the Drunken Fist Pack, Gangland Style Pack, and the Square Enix character pack. This will add drink-fueled moves, a heap of attribute-boosting tattoos and various SE character skins into the game.

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