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Signalis Safe Codes: How to crack all safe codes, and the Sword Safe cipher

All you need is a radio.

Signalis is the debut indie survival horror title from Rose Engine, and it borrows from some of the best horror games of all time. As you prowl corridors as Elster, in search for answers and your lost partner, this pixel art title gets creepier as time goes on. So much so, it’s hard to put down.

What aids this along is the constant feeling of progression, and the fact you must recall everything you come across to solve various puzzles. One document which you’ll find, full of radio frequencies, doesn’t make much sense till a little later into the game. This is one of the many ways Signalis keeps players on their toes.

Without further ado, we’re going to explain the purpose of that frequencies document, and how to figure out all of Signalis’ Safe Codes.

Signalis Safe Codes

Sooner or later in Signalis, you’ll get your hands on a radio device, and a list of frequencies. This is the key to cracking all the safe codes in Signalis, however, the Classroom Safe appears before you get access to the radio; if you’re looking to crack the Classroom Safe Code, we’ve a detailed guide at the link!

The only other safe code that may see you stumble is the Sword Safe, and we’ll explain how to crack that code shortly.

First, however, you’ll need to venture into the Interrogation Room. In here, you’ll find a document full of radio frequencies. You won’t get access to the radio until a short while later, but you’ll be well aware of it when you do.

Once you’ve got your hands on the radio, you can tune in to any of the frequencies outlined on the note found in the Interrogation Room. When you tune in, a five-number code will be given, and that will be the safe code for the corresponding safe.

A list of radio frequencies in Signalis

Now, bear in mind that your specific Safe Codes may be different to mine. However, just in case they aren’t, here are the Safe Codes I received for each radio frequency in Signalis:

  • Moon = 051.000 = 204512
  • Sun = 080.000 = 82459
  • Scales = 117.000 = 82335
  • Rook = 145.000 = 16785
  • Tree = 185.000 = 15083
  • Sword = 239.000 = 48434

Signalis’ Sword Safe Code

The only Safe Code that differs slightly is Signalis’ Sword Safe. After cracking the code via the radio, you’ll eventually arrive at the safe in the Nurse Station on the third floor, except it’s input pad is all letters.

Make your way to the Waiting Room, where the 5 Lock Door is. The room also has a grand totem pole in the middle, so you won’t miss it.

On the seats in the left of this room is a document titled ‘Sword’, and it’ll contain a cipher for the Sword Safe.

A cipher for the sword safe code in Signalis

Using the code from earlier, and this cipher, our 48434 Sword Safe Code becomes H?HBH. You can then work out that the only letter present on the input pad that is missing from the document is F, which gives us a final Sword Safe Code of HFHBH.

Again, bear in mind that your codes may be different to mine; in that instance, use this guide as an indication of how to work out your own codes.

That's all for Signalis' Safe Codes. While you're here, it's also worth looking at how to open the 5 Lock Door you'll have come across during this guide!

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