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Signalis Nowhere Walkthrough: How to open the 6 Plates Door

We'll also give you the codes you need for all of those Numberless Keypads.

Signalis is a survival horror title that’s presented to you in a pixel art style, with plenty of Silent Hill influences scattered throughout. You awake in a facility as Elster, a Replika agent on the hunt for answers and their lost partner.

As you progress through the game and the various levels of the facility, you’ll eventually find yourself down in the mines at long last, where Ester’s partner is rumoured to be. The issue with this area is that there’s no map, a bug or two, and the realm of Nowhere.

So, without further ado, here’s your Signalis Nowhere walkthrough, and how to ultimately unlock Signalis’ 6 Plates Door.

How to open the 6 Plates Door in Signalis, and open all the numberless keypad doors in Nowhere

I can only assume that if you’re here, you’ve already acquired the Administrator’s Key and made it down to the mines in Signalis.

Now, this area has no map. So, you’ll want to keep track of which doorways lead to each room and so forth. For clarity, we’ll start with one room and designate that our ‘starting room’, and this is where we’ll often return to, to ensure we don’t get lost.

Additionally, there’s a bug or two across Signalis’ Nowhere area that myself and some others have experienced. Mainly, it appears there are some locked doors that you can run through. If you end up in these rooms, like I did, you can’t actually leave again, and will be forced to restart from your latest save point.

So, with that in mind, our ‘starting room’ is going to be one of the rooms down in Nowhere that has a save point; see the image below to know where I mean. If you’re still lost, go to the room that has the ‘Offerings Cup’ in it at the very beginning of the area. From here, go south, west, east, and then north.

A classroom with a save point in Signalis
This will be our safe ‘starting area’ that we’ll return to.
A corridor in Signalis with Replika enemies
Our safe ‘starting’ area is through the door to the east of this room.

You’ll be in a room with Replika agents, and multiple other doors. Head west again, and you’ll be in the room with the save point.

Throughout this guide, not only are we aiming to unlock the six doors with Numberless Keypads across Nowhere, but we’re aiming to find six different plates. These plates are as follows, so that you know what to look out for in case you come across anything early:

  • Plate of Eternity (found during the first chapter of Signalis, and should already be in your possession)
  • Plate of Flesh (found following Cagehead mini-boss)
  • Plate of Sacrifice (found after acquiring Rusted Key)
  • Plate of Love (incense)
  • Plate of Balance (made up of three, small, wooden dolls found across Nowhere)
  • Plate of Knowledge (made up of the Wedding Ring, Serpent’s Ring, and Regent Ring)

Signalis Wedding Ring, and Numberless Keypad Codes

From the save point, head left into the hallway again, and go through the north door.

In the next room, there are more doors, and a rather ominous looking pit in the middle. From here, go through the west door, and into a room with multiple televisions.

In this room, you can grab a repair spray and some ammo, as well as the Wedding Ring item (this is part of the Plate of Knowledge). Then, there’s a microphone for you to interact with.

A room in Signalis with multiple television screens and a microphone

At first, the microphone won’t appear to do much. However, if you turn your radio on and proceed to scrub between frequencies, you’ll notice the keypad presented to you will illuminate with different patterns. During each varying pattern, a different symbol will appear above the keypad, too.

Essentially, these are the keys to the various Numberless Keypads around Signalis’ Nowhere area. Each locked door that you find with a Numberless Keypad will also have a symbol to help differentiate it from the rest, much like the Safe Codes having different associated symbols earlier in the game.

Scrub through all the radio frequencies until you have six different keypads screenshotted. Now that we have each key to hand, we can go ahead and unlock some of the doors around Signalis’ Nowhere area.

While you’re here, go back into the hallway with the Replikas and head south. Go up the ladder again, and head south again into the room with various sinks and Replikas. In one of the sinks, you’ll find a small doll, and this is part of the Plate of Balance.

A room in Signalis with multiple sinks, and a small doll item

Signalis Triangle Door

We’re going to differentiate each door in this play through by referring to it via it’s associated symbol. One of the first doors locked with a Numberless Keypad that you’ll find is the door with the triangle symbol.

Remember the room with the Offerings Cup? If you go south of that room once, and then west, the Triangle Door is north of the room.

A room in Signalis with multiple exits, and the Triangle Door

Now, input the code shown to you via the radio and microphone earlier. In case the codes happen to be the same, the solution I was given is below.

The solution to the Triangle Door code in Siganlis is shown

Signalis Incense, and Serpent Ring

Now, you’ll enter a room with Replika enemies. Be sure to grab the small doll item in this room, and proceed west.

A room in Signalis with enemies, and a small doll item
You'll find a small doll in this room, and can avoid most of the enemies.

In the next room, there’ll be more Replika enemies, and you’ll need to adjust your radio to the frequency shown on screen, so you can get past them. From this small corridor, you can head east to the 6 Plates Door puzzle, which - and you guessed it - requires you to find six plates before it’ll open.

Head east in this corridor to find the 6 Plates Door puzzle room, and west to find the Incense.

Your first plate, the Plate of Eternity, was found earlier in the game. If you leave the 6 Plates Door puzzle room and head west, you’ll enter a room with some resources and incense. The incense item is key to getting the Plate of Love.

Now, return to the north room from the corridor, where the mini-boss Mynah is and where you retrieved the small doll. Exit this room using the east door, and here you’ll find the Serpent Ring item, which is part of your Plate of Knowledge.

So, that’s one out of six plates already taken care of, with parts of three others gathered. Where next?

Signalis Plate of Love

Remember the room with the Offerings Cup? We’re going there next, and we’re going to offer up our incense.

The player burns incense at an Offerings Cup in Signalis

With that done, the Plate of Love will be revealed.

I now recommend taking the Plate of Eternity and Plate of Love to the puzzle room, to free up some inventory and storage space for later. Additionally, you have two small dolls; combine these together to free up even more inventory space.

I recommend leaving the Serpent’s Ring and Wedding Ring in storage; once we have the Regent’s Ring, we’ll need to head through the Asterisk Door and solve the rings puzzle. There are a few more things that we ought to do first.

We’re going to grab the third wooden doll, Rusted Key, Plate of Flesh, and Regent Ring. First, however, we need to complete a boss fight.

Signalis Caged Boss Fight, and Plate of Flesh

Remember that huge, unappealing pit of flesh from earlier? We need to go back there, and jump down into that pit. Be sure to save beforehand and get yourself prepared for a fight. Fortunately, this boss fight is easy enough; just keep a distance and keep firing. Eventually, Isa will finish off the job for you.

Following the boss fight, a nearby room will become a save point while Isa rests up.

A save point by the caged boss arena in Signalis
Looks just like the boss room, right? Well, it's actually a different room.

If you head east from here twice, you’ll wind up in a room with the Regent Ring. Head north, and navigate the barbed wire here to reach the Plate of Flesh in the middle of the room.

A room with a barbed wire maze and the Plate of Flesh in Signalis
With your flashlight on and no enemies around, this maze is pretty easy to manouvre. Just don't forget to grab the Rusted Key, too.

Finally, don’t neglect the corners of this room, where you’ll also find the Rusted Key. We’re now going to get the Plate of Knowledge.

Signalis Rings Puzzle, and Plate of Knowledge

The door with the asterisk symbol can be found north of the room with our original save point (not the boss arena where Isa is). We need to go there next, and the code for the door should be as follows.

The solution to the asterisk door code in Signalis

You’ll wind up in a room where you can find a note that consists of some sort of acrostic riddle, and the corpse of an Empress.

This riddle essentially gives you clues as to which of the Empress’ fingers each ring should go on, and the answer is as follows:

  • Ring Finger: Wedding Ring
  • Index Finger: Regent's Ring
  • Pinky Finger: Serpent Ring

After placing the rings correctly, the Plate of Knowledge will be revealed.

The solution to the rings puzzle, and the Plate of Knowledge in Signalis are shown
You can also check how we placed each of the rings here.

At this point, I recommend taking both the Plate of Flesh and Plate of Knowledge to the puzzle room, and then we no longer need to worry about them. Last, but not least, it’s time to finally grab both the Plate of Sacrifice.

Signalis Plate of Sacrifice

Remember the ‘starting point’ we discussed? The one that we walked through to get to the Rings puzzle? Well, we need to return to the corridor shown below and take the west door.

A corridor in Signalis with Replika enemies
Back in this hallway, we want to go west using the Rusted Key.

The door to the west of this hallway can be opened using the Rusted Key. In the next room, you’ll find the third wooden doll.

Further into the room is the Square Door, which requires one of the many Numberless Keypad codes we got earlier. The answer for the Square Door is in the below image, provided codes for these doors are the same between each play through.

The solution to the square door in Signalis is shown

In the next room, there’s more barbed wire to manoeuvre around and plenty of enemies. However, the Plate of Sacrifice is in the centre of the room, so you’ll need to grab that.

Signalis Plate of Balance

Now that we also have three dolls in our possession, there’s only one plate left to get, and that’s the Plate of Balance.

Return to the boss arena save point, and go north through the Pentagon door. The code for the numberless keypad on this door should be as follows.

The solution to the pentagon door in Signalis is shown

Go south in the next room, avoiding the Replikas, and you’ll end up in a room with an altar that has the Plate of Balance on top.

Make sure you combine the three dolls so that they become one, and then retrieve the plate. After this, make sure to place the combined doll where the plate was.

The room where the plate of balance lives is shown

Once the Plate of Balance is in your possession, you can return to the boss arena save point, save and sort out your inventory. Then, go to the 6 Plates Door via the Triangle Door, and put in your final two plates.

A door that requires six plates to open in Signalis

Alas, this chapter of Signalis is now done with. Venture into the tunnel ahead, and watch the cutscene unfold!

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