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Signalis: How to unlock the Island Painting and fix the Cassette

Yes, there are even more keys to search for.

Signalis is a survival horror game that’s shaping up to be my indie game of the year. While borrowing from the likes of Silent Hill and Resident Evil, it remains a unique, pixel art experience that never fails to fill you with dread.

Check out Signalis' trailer here.

That’s dread over the various Replika agents trying to hack and kill you, or over the multiple keys you’ll need to find to continue progressing. Either way, Signalis feels equal parts dreadful and satisfying as you prowl each corridor and advance through the facility you find yourself in.

As you advance to the seventh floor of the facility and beyond, you’ll find Signalis’ Island Painting, a broken Cassette, and even a music box being clutched by an agent called Falke. How do these all come together, though? In this guide, we explain how to unlock the Island Painting and fix the Cassette in Signalis.

How to unlock the Island Painting and fix the Cassette in Signalis

Before we go straight over to the Island Painting, or even track down the Cassette, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure that you’ve done first in Signalis.

First, I recommend making sure you have the Flashlight Module. This item can be equipped and turned on to provide you with light in dark areas, which is necessary as we descend further into the facility. You can find this item on the eighth floor of the facility, in Adla’s bedroom marked on the map below.

The location of Adla's bedroom in Signalis is marked on the map

Signalis Shutter Gate Handle

Next up, we’ll want to go and grab the Shutter Gate Handle from the eighth floor. This item is used to unlock the Piano Room on the seventh floor, which we’ll return to later. The Shutter Gate Handle can be found in the FKLR Office, which is to the left of the Paternoster Lift.

A map showing a route to Falke's Bedroom in Signalis

Advance north from the office and into FKLR Bedroom, where you’ll find Falke sleeping and clutching a music box. There’s nothing else to do here just yet, but now you have this room on your map so that it’s easier to find and return to later.

Signalis Owl Key and Piano Room

Now, we’re going to head to the Piano Room and put the Shutter Gate Handle to use. This room is on the seventh floor and accessible from the Piano Hallway. Once you’re in, you’ll find a save point and storage, as well as the Owl Key.

Do whatever you need to do in here, and make sure you’ve at least two storage slots available.

Signalis Island Key and Hunter's Key

When you’re finished in the Piano Room, head back toward the Paternoster Lift, but keep going left until you end up in the Protektor Archive shown below.

A map showing a route to the Protektor Archive in Signalis

In this room, you’ll find both the Island Key and the Hunter’s Key. Now, the use for the Island Key is probably pretty obvious given we have an Island Painting with a key-shaped hole in it to address, but the Hunter’s Key serves a different purpose, which we’ll delve into now.

Signalis Shooting Range and Revolver

Before we deal with the Island Painting, we’re going to take a small detour. However, you’ll need another two spaces in your inventory first, so it might be worth visiting storage.

When you’re ready, go to the sixth floor via the Paternoster Lift. Then, take the right exit from the Cleaning Room. From the Repair Bay, go north to access the Shooting Range. To the right of the room, you’ll find a Gun Case and Adhesive Tape; we need both of these.

A map showing a route to the Shooting Range in Signalis

Essentially, the Hunter’s Key can be combined with the Gun Case to create a Revolver. The Adhesive Tape is an item that we’ll need a little later on.

Signalis Island Painting and Workshop Key

With your Revolver in hand, make sure you have the Island Key on your person, and head up to the Island Painting on the seventh floor.

The Island Painting, Isle of the Dead, in Signalis

Use the Island Key to unlock the painting, and inside you’ll find the Workshop Key at long last.

Signalis Broken Cassette

Just before heading to the Workshop, we need to make sure we have the broken Cassette. In your inventory, I recommend having the following: flashlight module, chosen weapon, Owl Key, Workshop Key, adhesive tape, and an empty slot. You can come back later for healing items if needs be!

The broken Cassette is found in the Maintenance Office on the sixth floor, in the EULR Dorm, to the right of the Elevator Shaft.

The location of the EULR Dorm in Signalis is marked on the map

The room will be unlocked using the Owl Key you found earlier, and the Cassette is in the north of the room inside a broken music player. Collect the Cassette, and then combine it with the adhesive tape to fix it.

Signalis Workshop

Now, we’re going to take our Cassette and Workshop Key over to the Workshop and finally head inside. In the room is a stereo that we can slot our Cassette into. When we do, a frequency appears on the stereo: 142.000.

A stereo showing a radio frequency in Signalis

Navigate to this frequency using your radio and a song will begin to play. Now, we need to return to Falke’s Bedroom on the eighth floor.

Signalis Hummingbird Key

With the music from the specified radio frequency playing, interact with Falke to take a closer look at the box they’re holding. As the music plays, the box will begin to slowly open, and will reveal the Hummingbird Key.

A box being held by Falke in their bedroom in Signalis

This is floor seven of Signalis done with for the most part. However, you’ll have to figure out the Astrolabe Star Map puzzle next… which is certainly one of the game's more obtuse puzzles.

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