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Signalis: What is the Classroom Safe code?

You’ll be able to work out codes more easily later on, but here’s how to crack that Classroom Safe open.

Signalis is a survival horror title that’s just recently hit Xbox Game Pass, and it’s a very fitting addition for the subscription service. The game sees you playing as Elster, a technician Replika, on-board a very strange vessel with even stranger things occurring.

As with any survival horror title, it’s also packed with puzzles to solve and doors to unlock. One of the first things you will come across is the Classroom Safe, but coming across its code takes a little more exploring.

To help push you in the right direction, here’s our guide to finding the safe code for Classroom 4B in Signalis.

Signalis Classroom Safe Code

While exploring this particular area of Signalis, you’ll stumble into the Staff Room. On a desk in the north of the room is a note called ‘Service Request Form F-29’, which reads, “The wall safe in classroom 4B keeps resetting to the default combination. What’s the point of the whole radio code broadcasting system if our safe can only be opened with the code in the manual?”

This then tells you that there has to be some form of manual lying around somewhere, and this will no doubt have the default code for the Classroom Safe.

A map of the first section in Signalis, detailing how to get the classroom safe code
Here's where you need to go on the map, to save you getting too lost.

First things first, head to the Aula room on the map, and grab the Protektor Key from the orange bench in the north-west corner.

Then, go back to the first corridor that is beside the Surface Access room. The door to the left here can be unlocked with the Protektor Key. In the drawers in this room you’ll find various manuals, a pistol, and an Aperture Card.

Now, take the Aperature Card to the aperture card microfilm viewer in the Library. This will reveal the Mond&Tochter High-Security Wall Safe (Numeric) manual; this reveals that the Classroom Safe code is 204512.

Once the safe is opened, you’ll find the Classroom Key inside!

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