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Shenmue 3 PS4 physical release available to backers

Shenmue 3 will be available in a proper box you can put on your shelf.


Shenmue 3 was announced as a digital release only on PS4, but Ys Net has now confirmed a physical release on the console.

Although it's called the Special Backer Edition, the Kickstarter update announcing the boxed PS4 release doesn't say it's exclusive to backers. We'll try to find out if it is, or whether it has any special features.

A PC physical release had already been confirmed, and if you selected that as your reward you can switch over to PS4. All backers at $60 or higher (plus shipping) can opt for a digital or physical PC or PS4 copy.

Amusingly (slash depressingly), the slipcover and box art shown in the announcement post caused a furore on Twitter over the weekend, with those who criticised it being instantly mobbed by the frighteningly defensive Shenmue fanbase. It's probably just placeholder art, which makes the whole thing extra ridiculous. Video games!

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