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Shenmue 3 becomes most funded video game Kickstarter, Suzuki hosting livestream later

With 13 hours left on the clock, Shenmue 3 has become the highest-earning video game Kickstarter on record.

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As of press time, 61,674 backers have pledged $5,564,804.

During the final hours of the crowdfunding phase, creator Yu Suzuki will host a livestream on Twitch.

In a video message on Kickstarter, and posted above, Suzuki discusses how within just eight hours of being announced, the game reached its initial $2 million goal. It was the fastest project to reach that figure, and also the fastest game to reach $1 million.

The stream on the official Shenmue 3 Twitch channel will kick off today at 4pm PT/7pm ET/12am UK.

It's offline at the moment, but we've embedded it for you below.

Watch live video from Shenmue3Official on

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