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Sea of Thieves free update sends players to volcanic Forsaken Shores

Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shore sends players to The Devil's Roar region, but watch out for falling magma.

The Forsaken Shores expansion for Sea Thieves may have been delayed by a month, but it's finally arrived in the form of a free update. Starting today, crews will be able to explore a brand-new region filled with volcanoes, earthquakes, and geysers. But if you survive, there will be some impressive loot in your future.

When Rare claimed Forsaken Shores would debut "a place of fire and ash", it wasn't kidding. The Devil's Roar region is hazardous to simply walk across - volcanic rocks plummet from the sky, and geysers will fling you into the air if you aren't careful. Even the waters around each island will drain your health during eruptions.

To assist players, Rare has added rowboats to Sea of Thieves. Rowboats let you travel across the water's surface, carries a small chest for supply storage, and makes carrying loot to your ship far easier. How was this not in the core release? Whatever the reason, it's a welcome addition now.

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With rowboats, Sea of Thieves introduces the new Cargo Run quest type. These require crew to deliver fragile items from one location to another, while each item has a specific vulnerability. Bottles shatter if you not moving carefully, cloth rots if it gets wet, and plant life requires water to stay alive. You'll be paid according to how effectively each item is preserved, meaning that speed alone isn't everything.

The full list of features is included in Rare's content update video, but it should keep Sea of Thieves fans busy for weeks to come. The full game is available now for PC and Xbox One.

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