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Rumor - US voice actor claims to be working on "Half Life Episode 3"

Half-Life 3 rumors have been swirling the net since Half-Life 2 was released to the console masses in fall 2007 via The Orange Box. Starting last week, the rumor sector lit up to boiling when a Half-Life 3 shirt was sported by a Valve employee at an event, which was either the biggest troll ever or the smarted marketing ploy in the world. Today, a "US-based voice actor" has told OXM they recent recorded lines for "Half Life Episode 3". OXM has asked the actor for further clarification on the matter. This could be another massive troll, a lie, or a slip of the tongue. No matter what the case may be, one thing is for certain: if Half-Life 3 or Episode 3 is in the works, Valve will announce it when it is damned good and ready to do so - unless there's a proof-positive leak beforehand. [pic]

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