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Rumor: Six-player co-op Castlevania coming to XBLA


Dracula can scarcely stave off one Belmont at a time, so we can't imagine he's too pleased that six members of vampire-slayin'-est family around will soon be banging down his doors.

There are going to be so many broken wine glasses. But enough intro; have at this post!

A pulled post from never know tech claimed to showcase screens from Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, a six-player XBLA entry in the famed castle crasher. Apparently, a pack of former lone wolves from previous Castlevania games will band together in this one.

But there's a catch that probably has Dracula wiping sweat (vampires have that, right?) from his brow: all of the playable characters will be tiny. Like, GBA/DS-tiny. Exactly GBA/DS tiny, actually, as the sprites are likely lifted straight from those games. Meanwhile, Harmony of Despair's camera will apparently pull out and zoom in, probably in order to account for characters in different rooms.

Lending more credence to the rumor is a Joystiq source, who basically glanced at the above description and said, "Yep. Sounds about right." The source also added that the game will include a survival mode that much resembles something from a fighting game.

Let's just hope it doesn't resemble this fighting game.

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