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Rumor: Kinect Star Wars to include pod racing, playable Rancor

Lightsabers? Please. That's only the tip of the iceberg.

The rest of the iceberg is a Rancor.

According to a leaked survey that Kotaku managed to get its hands on, there's more to Kinect Star Wars than over-sized glowsticks and the flailing thereof. Apparently, you'll also be able to pod race (with your hands wrapped around an imaginary steering wheel, naturally).

Oh, and you'll get to be a Rancor. As in, you'll stomp and smash and - let's be honest with ourselves - probably growl a little and then nervously glance around to make sure you're still alone, and your scaly in-game self will do the same. Basically, it sounds like everything we've ever hoped for since we turned five and declared that we wanted to be one of "those things" when we grew up.

If, however, you were impersonating Star Wars kid while we were dreaming of being Godzilla, there's news for you as well. Apparently, Jedi duels will function both with players standing and sitting.

Color us intrigued. OK, scratch that. We need this in our lives. Now, everyone, hold hands and repeat after us: "Please let it be good. Please let it be good. Please let it be good."

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