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Report: Microsoft, Activision pull GAME support

Microsoft and Activision are the latest companies to pull support for GAME, MCV is reporting tonight.

A source close to VG247 told us this evening the retailer wouldn't stock Disney Kinect title Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, but was seemingly unaware of any bigger issues between it and MS or Activision.

MCV's initial report says the pullback has come from a leaked memo, with it mentioning in the letter the situation was "temporal," adding it was "doing everything we can to resolve these issues as soon as possible".

It's also reporting tonight that its blocked GAME from selling the Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars hardware bundle.

Zabela Big Game Hunter 2012 and Zhu Zhu Babies are the titles affected by Activision.

It was reported earlier that Kid Icarus: Uprising, Yakuza: Dark Souls and PokePark 2 would also not be stocked by GAME.

It comes on a day when it seemed like the bruised retailer, who has already had to suffer through a list of games being pulled from its shelves like Mass Effect 3, Street Fighter x Tekken and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, had begun to turn a corner.

It was confirmed this evening GAME was in discussions with a "third-party" about providing financial support, following reports this afternoon that US retailer Walmart and Comet owner OpCapita were interested in a takeover.

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