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Kinect Star Wars worked on by 10 teams, 200+ people

The LinkedIn profile of a senior producer at Microsoft has revealed the magnitude of the Kinect Star Wars development - revealing the game was worked on by ten teams comprising of over 200 people.

Discovered by proven Twitter sleuth superannuation and picked up and archived by NeoGAF, the online resume of the Story & Cinematics team Producer Adam N Joseph reveals that his duties on the title involved supervising "1 PC & 9 External Teams" - ten teams total - and management of "200+ heads."

His profile also mentions his direct involvement with outsourced work to studios including Rhythm & Hues, Frontier Studios and Skywalker Sound, Lucas' massive Skywalker Ranch based sound studio.

Kinect Star Wars has been a massive undertaking for Microsoft and is something of a major moment for the Kinect hardware itself. In development since mid 2009 and under the watchful eye of Kinect evangelist Kudo Tsunoda, Kinect Star Wars has always been a major pillar of Microsoft showing what Kinect can do.

The game's out on tomorrow - and you can expect reviews to hit the internet at 8am GMT on the same day. You can see the launch trailer through here.

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