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Mass Effect 3 shows "Kinect can be integrated into core games," says MS exec

Kinect marketing boss Michael Johnson has said Mass Effect 3's integration of the motion controller shows how it can be used within core games without it being force-fitted.

The BioWare RPG will make use of voice control to choose story dialogue for Shepard, as well as give orders during battle to your team.

Speaking at an Amsterdam Xbox anniversary event, Johnson told Zoomin Games in the video interview below that Kinect focussed on causal gamers first so it could convey the message that Xbox was for everyone.

"I think based on what we've brought to market when we launched Kinect, I think it's an understanding that people can say, 'ah, Kinect is only for very casual gamers'," he said.

"But the reason we focussed on casual gameplay first and foremost was we wanted to send that signal, that Xbox is for everybody. We wanted to make those games that are relevant to everybody. But as you start to see now, there are more and more core games that are figuring out more great ways to use Kinect.

"I'd love to see what [EA] are doing with Mass Effect 3, and I think that the use of voice to interact with the world, it makes sense as part of the game and it doesn't seem force-fit at all. That's exactly the way Kinect can be integrated into core games."

On Kinect Star Wars, Johnson said the game let everyone who was a Star Wars live out their "Jedi fantasy".

"The target audience for Kinect Star Wars is absolutely everyone who loves Star Wars. There's a huge variety of people under that umbrella," he said.

"There are gonna be some core gamers who just really want to live out their Jedi fantasy and use that lightsaber and force powers and they're really going to enjoy the Jedi part of the game."

Kinect Star Wars launches on April 5. Here's a video of Princess Leia dancing that shows how awesome she is at dancing. Literally.

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