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Mass Effect Legendary Edition - check out the official remastered comparison trailer

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BioWare has released a comparison video showing off the differences between the original Mass Effect trilogy and the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

In the comparison video, you get an in-depth look at the visual upgrades you'll see when Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases next month.

Looking at the side-by-side comparison, you can plainly see some of the improvements made to the environment, characters, and visual effects.

You can expect improved material and particle effects, better skin rendering, and more realistic surface response. All textures have been enhanced or remade, 3D models are more detailed, eye shader improvements have been made, and cut-scenes and worlds have been re-lit.

The team also made global post-effect improvements as well as plenty of gameplay changes.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases on May 14 for Origin, Steam, PS4, and Xbox One with forward compatibility and targeted enhancements on Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

For a deeper look at everything you can expect come release, check out Alex’s full preview.

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