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Kinect Star Wars is "not a game for core gamers"

If those Jedi dance offs have you thinking that Kinect Star Wars isn't the most serious of games, you're on the right track.

As reported by CVG, senior product manager Glenn Gregory said in a recent issue of MCV that Kinect Star Wars isn't targeted at the hardcore gamers likely to be put out by casual features.

"This is a game for anybody that is a Star Wars fan. It's not The Old Republic, it's not a game for core gamers that want to experience that kind of thing," he said.

"It's a great experience for people who love Star Wars like myself and want to share it with their families."

Gregory pointed to the more acrobatic and athletic combat in Star Wars: Episode 1 as a source of inspiration.

"They are not just waving their wrists around. There's full body combat, lightsabers, force powers, and they are jumping and being acrobatic. And that is really a fun thing to do with Kinect," he said.

Kinect Star Wars releases on April 3, which - my goodness - is already here in some regions. It was one of the first titles shown when the motion controller was introduced to the public.

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