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Rocket League season 7 kicks off on June 15 with a bougie new aesthetic

Up another gear.

Rocket League season 7 is set to release worldwide on June 15, bringing with it a new Arena variant, Rocket Pass, Competitive Season, Summer Anniversary Event, and more goodies.

In terms of exact launch times, the season is set to go live at:

  • 4PM PT
  • 6PM CT
  • 7PM ET
  • 11PM GMT
  • 12AM CEST (June 16)
If you want to see for yourself what to expect from season 7, check out the trailer above!

When it comes to exactly what you can expect, there’s the Utopia Coliseum Arena with it’s new gilded makeover. That means you’ll be seeing gold as you race across the field this season. In addition, the new Rocket Pass will come with similarly blinged out cosmetics, like the Maestro car, Carat Cutter Wheels, Marble Floor Decal, and other items that really show your status in-game.

the gilded utopia arena in Rocket League season 7
Look at the shine on that stadium!

There’s of course more than cosmetics on the way. A new limited-time event is also coming as you’d expect, but there are little details on what exactly this is as of yet. Our fingers crossed for Knockout Bash levels of quality, they set the bar pretty high with that one.

For those of you who really put the foot on the gas during season 6, rewards for your hard work are on the way. Shortly after season 7 goes live, all your well-earned loot will be shipped your way as per previous seasons.

Are you excited for season 7? Does the idea of slapping some gold and marble cosmetics on your car get you excited? Let us know in the comments below!

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