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Rocket League dev Psyonix is fronting $1 million for prize pools this year, and that's just the start of its eSports plans

If you are any good at Rocket League, get yourself into the eSports scene.


Rocket League fans interested in serious competitive play have a big year ahead.

Developer Psyonix has announced ambitious plans to foster Rocket League's eSports scene this year, starting with over $1 million in tournament prize pools, including the Championship Series.

Psyonix is also promising funding for community-run tournaments, expanded weekly tournament support across multiple regions and a proper eSports hub on the Rocket League website. There will also be more charity tournaments, an Xbox exclusive tournament series, and bigger and better Rocket League presence at shows and events.

Rocket League itself will be updated with "numerous" eSports-enhancing features, and Psyonix will launch a proper collegiate system for competitors and host a weekly Twitch show about Rocket League Championship Series.

Al up, the changes represent a $2.5 million investment in Rocket League's eSports scene, which is a great return on the community's support of Psyonix's Crates and Keys fundraising initiatives, given that it trickles back down to the roots rather than going straight into the top ten's pockets.

"While conventional wisdom normally dictates that we just drop additional loot on top of the existing RLCS prize pool, we wanted to do something more," Psyonix wrote.

"A community-funded prize pool should benefit the ENTIRE community - whether it means a group of friends competing over the weekend or the absolute best in the world vying for the Rocket League Championship Series World Championship."

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