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Respawn is changing those supposed pay-to-win Apex Legends skins

Players have felt that the skins were simply better than any other skins due to their aim down sights.

A recent batch of Apex Legends weapon skins have been causing some controversy as a number of players believe that the aim down sights (ADS) are better than on other skins.

As reported by PCGamesN, some pay-to-win accusations have been thrown at developer Respawn due to the introduction of weapon skins like the Heat Sink skin. According to some players, the Heat Sink skin has a vastly superior ADS compared to other guns' skins. However, Respawn has since addressed the criticism, providing an update on said skin and more.

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"Competitive integrity is and will always be a core pillar for Apex Legends," wrote Respawn in a blog post. "As part of that, our default iron sights are designed to push players to loot for better optics. We also believe that skins shouldn't be a factor in the sights functionality as well. During Season 4, we released the Heat Sink reactive skin for the VK-47 Flatline rifle and we heard feedback from some players that the Aim Down Sights (ADS) felt superior to any other skin available.

"To make things as fair as possible, we wanted to address feedback for the Heat Sink skin and also update other skins we thought could be improved."

Respawn then provided a pair of before and after images showing what the skin looked like initially, and what it looks like now. The big change is that part of the skin which had a large hole in it, allowing for better visibility, has been covered up.

Another skin, the Flatline "Revelations" skin, has also been changed, as Respawn felt the side fins created larger blingspots than intended, so those have been reduced in size to improve visibility.

Players have responded positively to the changes on the game's subreddit, with players noting that it's still a good looking skin, and others just generally not fussed about the change either way.

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