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Resident Evil 6 to see full franchise reboot


Producer Jun Takeuchi has told 1UP that Resident Evil it to get a proper reboot with its sixth game.

In what is destined to be the first genuinely epic game of 2009, Resident Evil 5 is practically guaranteed to be the last of its kind, with the game's producer, Jun Takeuchi, assuring us that a reboot is in order for the inevitable Resident Evil 6. That's not to suggest that there's anything wrong with the evil at hand. Quite the opposite; it's awesome fun, and we've beaten the game from beginning to end, and have a week's worth of detailed, insider info for you to enjoy.

The news is likely to go down well with the many RE5 demo-players that felt the game was somewhat stuck in the past.

No date, details, or anything else for that matter. Obviously.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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