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Resident Evil 6 takes place in 2013, moving while shooting confirmed

Capcom's announced additional details on Resident Evil 6, confirming the game will take place in 2013 among other things.

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RE6's debut trailer, released last month alongside the announcement of the horror sequel.

The publisher also specifically nailed down a specific location in China, where co-protagonist Chris Redfield is based in the game: a fictional town called Lanshiang. Before the events of RE6, Redfield went through a personal trauma, but decided to team up again with the BSAA for the ongoing crisis.

As well as Chris and Leon Kennedy, the game will feature a third protagonist as previously mentioned. While this person still hasn't been named, it's said he is "currently engaged in a bloody conflict in Eastern Europe, and rather than think about the consequences and implications, he's thinking "how money he can make from it."

Additional character profiles have also been released alongside the protagonists backgrounds. Helena Harper, the woman seen with Leon in the trailer, is a government agent currently in the process of transferring to the Secret Service as one of the president's bodyguards. She is the one who admits responsibility for what's happened to the president.

Speaking of, the president is not the same as the one who is Ashley's father from RE4. Rather, he is Adam Benford. He was the one who hired Leon Kennedy following the Raccoon City incident. As shown in the trailer, he becomes infected and becomes a zombie.

Field Operations Support agent Ingrid Hunningan, who supported Leon in Resident Evil 4, also returns for RE6.

Enemies in Resi 6 are said to be "different" from those encountered in past games. Typical zombies will run, jump and even use weapons towards you.

Another enemy in the game is called J'avo. The monster shows some human abilities like understanding human speech, but are otherwise "incredibly agressive". When it takes damage, the J'avo will be able to regenerate, but if said damage is major, it'll be able to mutate that part into "a number of varied forms," meaning players will have to rethink tactics.

Good thing, then, that players will finally be able to move whilst shooting. As well as that, as part of a newly-redesigned control system, you'll be able to slide, roll and take cover. Melee has also been expanded upon.

Resident Evil 6 launches on November 20 worldwide for PS3 and 360, with a PC version to follow afterwards.

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