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Resident Evil 6 DLC headed to Xbox 360 this month

Resident Evil 6's first major post-launch premium DLC pack is due in two weeks, exclusively for Xbox 360.

The new DLC is composed of three new play modes available individually for 320 MS Points or as a bundle for 720 MS Points. All will be made available on December 19. No word on PlayStation 3 availability.

  • Predator supports two to six players and has one player take control of B.O.W Ustanak in opposition to human characters.
  • Survivors has a similar bent in that as human characters are kileld off they can return as monster enemies; the last team or player standing is the winner, and again, two to six players are supported.
  • Onslaught is a two player mode against waves of enemies. In a Puyo Puyo like twist, performing combos will deliver extra enemies to the opposition's game.

The DLC was announced pre-launch, but at that time, Onslaught wasn't detailed - instead, Capcom presented something called Siege in which players protected an NPC. It's not clear if this is a whole new mode or a name change, but as Siege was touted as a six player affair, it looks like plans changed.

Screens and video of all three modes below. The DLC follows immediately after a December 18 patch which will unlock additional on-dic content for free, including co-op for Ada Wong's campaign, an extra difficulty level, and field of view options. The patch will release for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

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