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Resident Evil 6 patch to add wider FOV option

Resident Evil 6's next title update - which includes the free, on-disc DLC unlocks - will also introduce a new camera option.

In addition to previously detailed unlocks of a new difficulty setting and free access to the Ada Wong co-op campaign, Capcom Unity reports fan feedback inspired two more last minute inclusions.

The first is a new camera option. Rather than the shoulder-hugging point of view the game shipped with, the claustrophobic will be able to take in a wider field of view; it seems a bit counter-atmospheric but on the other hand may increase playability. Capcom produced a couple of screenshots demonstrating the difference, but noted that the feature is still being refined, so this isn't necessarily indicative of the final look.

The second new option will allow you to mix-and-match languages a little more freely; you can listen to the English audio while reading subtitles in another language. Good news if you're a non-native English speaker but consider the English dub the "real" version; that such people exist makes me wonder how bad the other language options' voice acting is.

The patch is due in mid-December.

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