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Reporters Without Borders publishes articles in Minecraft which have been censored by various countries

Reporters Without Borders has created an area in Minecraft in which to publish censored articles.

The in-game area provides a safe space in which to publish articles that have been censored in a reporter's country of origin.

Minecraft users can visit The Uncensored Library which is on an open Minecraft server where they will find pieces written by journalists from countries such as Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and others (thanks,

You can read the articles as in-game books.


"Journalists from five different countries now have a place to make their voices heard again, despite having been banned, jailed, exiled and even killed," reads the blog post. "Their forbidden articles were republished in books within Minecraft, giving readers the chance to inform themselves about the real political situation in their countries and learn the importance of press freedom.

"Let’s empower the next generation to stand up for their right to information and give them a powerful tool to fight oppressive leaders: knowledge. Together with the ever-expanding gaming community, we will show the world that the truth will never be silenced."

If you head over to the official website, it explains how to download The Uncensored Library map in Minecraft.

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