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Red Dead Redemption 2 has shipped over 29 million units, Borderlands 3 nearly 8 million

Red Dead Redemption 2 sales are up since releasing on PC, and Borderlands 3 sales have climbed since November.

During its Q3 call to investors overnight, Take-Two announced new shipped figures for Red Dead Redemption 2 and Borderlands 3.

In November, it was reported Red Dead Redemption 2 had shipped 26. 5 million units. Since its release on PC and Stadia, the figure has risen to over 29 million units shipped.

While Take-Two wouldn't go into specifics, going by a SuperData report from January, digital sales of the title more than doubled from 406K in November when it released on PC through the Epic Games Store and Rockstar Launcher, to 1 million when it hit Steam in December.

Take-Two also noted on the call GTA 5 has shipped over 120 million units lifetime and combined with Red Dead, the figure is over 150 million units worldwide with 250 million lifetime game accounts created across both titles.

Peak players for both titles were up significantly in December with the release of new GTAO heists, and RDO's Moonshiners update. Users continued to climb in January, and Rockstar celebrated by offering in-game bonuses.

Turning to Borderlands 3, the game has sold nearly 8 million units since it released in September. User growth for the game is also up 50% compared to Borderlands 2 during the same lifecycle. Take-Two said it expects lifetime unit sales to be a record for the franchise.

The company also said the attach rate for the season pass was a record both for the series and for 2K Games at the same point in the title’s lifecycle.

In December, Borderlands 3 was released for Google Stadia and will be available on Steam in the coming months.

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