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Red Dead Online: next week's update detailed along with PS4 Early Access Content

Rockstar Games has provided additional information on next week's Red Dead Online update, along with news regarding timed-content for PS4.

The next set of updates and new features are coming to Red Dead Online next week, along with PS4 Early Access Content.

Last week, Rockstar mentioned Free Roam Events, new Showdown Modes, and new Races were on the way along with new clothes, weapons and various game improvements and balances.

Special promotions will also start occurring weekly, similar to GTA Online.


Here's what you can expect next week on February 26 when the update is released - straight from Rockstar.

New Gameplay

  • Fool’s Gold Free Roam Event - Players will compete to control a suit of Golden Armor. Fight to take down the armor wearer to earn points and claim it as your own, then turn the tables and earn points for kills while wearing the armor.
  • Competitive Challenges: Fishing Challenges - Fishing Challenges are broken out by type, opt in to the challenge and you’ll receive all the equipment necessary to compete including the rod as well lures and bait specific to the challenge type. Bait includes crickets, crayfish, and worms. Catch the highest weight total of fish to win. During these challenges you will remain safe from the nuisance of "trigger-happy outlaws."
  • Three Showdown Modes - Players and teams compete to capture and deliver bags, steal loot from each other and survive. Stay tuned for more details around Up in SmokeSpoils of War and Plunder. Races will also see a new variation with Target Races where players shoot targets from horseback to pass checkpoints as they race along a track to the finish line.

New Weapons

  • B.D. and Co. is turning out the high grade, high capacity Evans Repeater rifle. The Rare Shotgun is D.D. Packenbush’s latest variation of the powerful double-barreled longarm. Sporting an antique style faded brass finish and an artfully adorned stock. Both weapons will be available via the Wheeler & Rawson Catalogue and local Gunsmiths.

New Clothing and Emotes

  • A wide range of new clothing will be made available, including the snake adorned Diamondback Hat and the fur trimmed Rutledge Vest. Expect plenty of new Outfits, Jackets, Boots, Coats, Gloves, Hats, Vests and more. In addition to all the clothing that will be available for purchase, keep an  eye on the shops and the Catalogue for special items that will come and go. A variety of new Emotes is also on the way – featuring everything from greets to reactions and taunts.

PS4 Early Access Content

  • In addition to new Target Races, PlayStation 4 players will have early access to Open Target Races where you compete in an open space to take out the most targets on horseback. PS4 players will also get early access to the Jawbone Knife, a unique melee weapon with a handle artfully carved from the remains of a slain animal’s jaw, as well as a range of new clothing options and three new Emotes.

Bonus XP This Week

  • Play the Red Dead Online Beta all this week to earn 20% more XP on all activities ahead of the launch of the February 26 update. New bonuses, giveaways, promotions and content updates will be coming weekly.

Once the update is live we'll let you know.

If you’re just getting started, our Red Dead Online guide has plenty of tips and tricks for missions, multiplayer modes and open world survival. You can also get at look at creating a character in the video posted above.

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