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Quick Shots - Dark Souls screens both dark and soulful

There's a picture of a king holding a bolt of lightning in his actual hand, and some sort of suspiciously glistening dragon. What more could you want from Dark Souls?

Accoridng to the attached factsheet, the game will support up to four players in a unique, low-impact online multiplayer, and prides itself on upholding the difficulty of its precursor, requiring strategy and flexibility, as well as caution and patience.

From Software is very proud of the game's seamless world, which sports more verticality than Demon's Souls.

Apparently, we're looking at 60 hours of gameplay and 100 unique monsters.

Organic character development - based on your choice of weapons, magic, armour and whether you need the option to switch between them - sounds pretty similar to the first game.

The messaging system makes a return, as does glimpses of other players, with whom you can "cross paths" to share the game.

From Software's follow up to the slow-burn smash Demon's Souls is due on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in October. Can. Not. Wait.

For good measure, I've dropped the E3 2011 trailer below the gallery - although we nabbed it from GameTrailers last week.

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