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Quick Quotes - BioShock: Infinite's plot not pulled from headlines

"When we started making a game, we don’t tear anything from the headlines. Just like with the first BioShock, I’m not surprised to see that the headlines came back to align more closely with the game. There are certain themes just repeat over and over and over throughout history: it was common in the 30s, in the 50s with the Red Scare. You see these things over and over again, especially during tough financial times. It’s not something that we planned on, it’s just that we’re touching themes that are very core to America and to every country."

-- Ken Levine, speaking to the US PS Blog, on BioShock: Infinite's highly topical political themes, reiterating their timeless resonance rather than specific parallels. BioShock: Infinite is expected on major platforms in 2012.

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