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PUBG patch 27 adds MP5K, brings massive balance tweaks to weapons, loot spawn rates

There's a new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds update launching later today on PC.

Last week, update 27 hit PUBG's test servers on PC. Following a week of testing, and many smaller patches, it's now ready for primetime. Coming in at around 7GB, update 27 will be preceded by seven hours of maintenance that kick off today at 5:30pm PT, 8:30pm ET, 12:30am UK (March 28).

No changes were made in testing, so let's dive right in.

Starting off with the new content, update 27 adds the MP5K SMG. This 9mm SMG is exclusive to Vikendi, replacing the Vector. Update 27 will also introduce the next Survivor Pass, dubbed Wild Card. The pass will be available for ten weeks, offering players over 60 rewards.

The developer took feedback about the Vikendi pass to heart, and it promises improved mission design this time around. You can expect the daily, and weekly mission structure to return, but the good thing is that you'll now be able to track your progress in real-time in the game.

Update 27's major new additions come in the form of balance tweaks. For starters, loot in Erangel should now be more plentiful, with an overall increase to spawn rate for ARs, DMRs, LMG, and SMGs.

Damage multipliers for sniper rifles have been increased to 150% from 110% when hitting body shots. For SMGs, limb shots will now operate on a 125% multiplier instead of 120%. Further, the overall flinch (aim punch) you receive when getting shot is being lessened.

First-aid kits, which currently heal instantly at the end of their cast time, will now instead restore health over two seconds, similar to how bandages work. Grenade damage is being adjusted, allowing vehicles and other major objects to block some of the damage. This depends on the angle, obviously, but cars can be used as cover from grenades as a way of lessening their effect.

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There's also been a major change to weapon attachments. SMG and pistols now take the same attachments. This is true for shotgun, and sniper rifle bullet loops as well - both will now perform the same function depending on the weapon they're attached to. And, holo sights can now go on pistols.

Update 27 is bringing a few major weapon balance changes as well. It begins with an unexpected reversal of the roles for the UMP, and Vector SMGs. The Vector has been converted to 9mm, with a magazine capacity that starts at 19 and can be expanded to 33. This switch means the weapon's overall damage is dropping.

The UMP9, on the other hand, is getting an upgrade to 45ACP ammo, and has, as such, been renamed to UMP45. The SMG now starts with 25 bullets by default, expandable to 35 with an extended magazine.

The M16A4's initial recoil has been decreased when firing in burst. The AR's effective range has also been extended, which could bring the M16A4 back to its former glory. In addition, canted sights, and tactical stocks can now be attached to the M16A4, which is going to make things even more interesting. Like the M16A4, the MK47 Mutant now takes tactical stocks.

There are a couple of other changes in update 27, such as tweaks to sound design, flare gun spawn rate, and some UI updates. Read the full list at the official blog.

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