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Psychonauts publishing rights back with developer

Tim Schafer's Doublefine has reclaimed the publishing rights - and profits - of its classic adventure, Psychonauts.

Programmer Anna Kipnis broke the news, although later suggested changes hadn't yet come into effect.

An official announcement is forthcoming, after which it is expected that proceeds of every purchase of the game, whether it be through Steam, Good Old Games or Xbox Live, will go direct to the independent studio which created it.

Previously, publisher Majesco reaped profits from the highly-praised game, which is probably fair enough, given it funded it in the first place and may not have made a return on that investment Psychonauts didn't exactly set the sales charts on fire, despite everyone pretending to have played it before it was famous.

Psychonauts currently holds an 87 percent average on metacritic. DoubleFine has always held the game's IP, and has indicated it would be willing to produce a sequel with support from a publisher.

Thanks, Giantbomb.

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