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Pokemon Go's next Season of Heritage event focuses on rock and steel-type Pokemon

Mountains of Power is part two in the Season of Heritage event series.

Mountains of Power is part two of the Seasons of Heritage event in Pokemon Go, and it kicks off on Friday, January 7 and runs through Thursday, January 13.

During this time, the Season of Heritage Story continues with Team Leader Spark who believes the mysterious door encountered during part one requires the help of Rock- and Steel-type Pokemon to unlock it.

Pokemon from the regions of Johto and Sinnoh will be more prevelent during this time such as Zubat, Machop, Nosepass, Barboach, and Geodude. And a shiny Slugma will make its appearance for the first time, so if you are lucky, you may catch one. If you’re lucky, you might also encounter a shiny Onix and Ferroseed.

The Event Bonus during this time is 1/2 walking distance to earn hearts with your buddy.

The event will also feature Timed Research focused on catching Pokemon, hatching Eggs, and earning Buddy Candy. If you complete the tasks, you will earn encounters with Pokemon like Mawile and Beldum.

A new rotation of Pokemon will be appearing in raids, and for the first time in Pokemon Go, Mega Aerodactyl will be available in Mega Raids.

With raids, you can expect one stars to include Alolan Geodude, Onix, Beldum, and Bronzor. Three star raids will feature Ursaring, Donphan, Medicham, and Absol. Five star raids will star Heatran.

Spark will also be offering rewards for hitting milestones. Here are the rewards:

  • 1,000 Total XP - 15× Poke Ball
  • 6,000 Total XP - 1× Lure Module
  • 15,000 Total XP - Cranidos
  • 25,000 Total XP - 15× Razz Berry
  • 350,000 Total XP - 25× Poke Balls
  • 47,500 Total XP - Porygon
  • 60,000 Total XP - 20× Great Ball
  • 70,000 Total XP - 15× Pinap Berries
  • 90,000 Total XP - Shedinja
  • 110,000 Total XP - 25x Ultra Balls
  • 130,000 Total XP - Togetic
  • 150,000 Total XP - 3× Golden Razz Berry
  • 175,000 Total XP - Goomy
  • 200,000 Total XP - 2,500 Stardust
  • 240,000 Total XP - 1× Star Piece

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