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Pokemon Go's Mewtwo Raid is live at Yokohama Stadium Event, the Legendary pokemon's stats have already been nerfed

Mewtwo makes its Pokemon Go debut in Japan, game master file update reveals the Legendary pokemon has already been nerfed.

Mewtwo made its Pokemon Go debut in Japan today during an event in Yokohama.

In the wake of the last disasterous Pokemon Go event, things haven't gone totally smoothly in Japan either, with the planned livestream event being cancelled. We assume Mewtwo was going to get a proper reveal during the livestream, but Eurogamer reports that connection problems are most likely the culprit for the last minute cancellation.

It's not all bad however, as some players have already got their hands on Mewtwo.

Redditor Unubore has bagged one, saying, "The connection was basically flawless for me. They give you 50 balls as the base if you managed to miss that much. The catch rate is 100%."

Niantic hasn't announced when Mewtwo will become available everywhere else, but Zapados' time in the sun ends this evening, so it could be as early as tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Game Master file has been updated and it looks like Mewtwo has been nerfed.


The stats were posted on Reddit, with Mewtwo's attack, defense, and stamina taking a hit.

A shiny Mewtwo sprite has also been added. The base capture rate is still absent.

Bellossom was the second pokemon to receive a tweak, with the buddy distance increasing from 1km to 3km.

Hopefully Niantic will confirm when Mewtwo will debut outside of Japan soon. We'll keep you posted.

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