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Pokemon Go's April Community Day returns to a three-hour event, stars Stufful

Niantic is bringing Community Day back to a pre-pandemic timeframe.

The April Pokemon Go Community Day will be the first Community Day event since the pandemic started to last only three hours instead of six.

According to Niantic, it is shifting back to a three-hour event because apparently only 5% of players particpate for more than three hours. Also, the company said people aren't out and about at the same time with the longer event, which apparently doesn't foster a sense of community as less people are around at the same time to "play together and connect outside."

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"In 2020, we doubled the length of our Community Day events, extending them from three hours to six," said Niantic. "Since then, however, we’ve found that only five percent of our Trainers tend to participate in the event for more than three hours.

"One of the biggest pieces of positive feedback that we received after January’s three-hour Community Day Classic was that players and community leaders noticed how much more of the community was out and about during the event. So, for Stufful Community Day, we’re returning to three-hour format. Our hope is that doing so will create even more opportunities for Trainers to play together and connect outside as they’re exploring."

Niantic went on to say that because players enjoyed the extra resources that can be collected during longer events, it is adding some "new and exciting" perks to Stufful Community Day so players can collect just as many resources during gameplay.

This includes a Group Play bonus which will unlock additional bonuses in a specific location. If enough Pokemon are caught by trainers from a single Lure, the 3× XP bonus for catching Pokemon near the Lured PokeStop will be increased to 4× XP for 30 minutes. Note that this will not stack with the base 3× catch XP bonus and will instead replace it for the duration.

For Stufful Community Day will take place on Saturday, April 23 from 2-5pm local time. This is when Stufful, the Flailing Pokémon, will make its Pokemon GO debut. Stufful will appear in the wild, and if you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny one.

If you evolve Stufful during the event or up to two hours afterward, you will get a Bewear that knows the Charged Attack Drain Punch. I suggest you use a gold pineapple on every single throw to earn more catch candy because it takes 400 candy to evolve Stufful into Bewear.

Event Bonuses include 3× Catch XP, 2× Catch Candy, 2× chance to receive Stufful XL Candy from catching, Incense activated during the event will last for three hours, and Lure Modules activated during the event will last for three hours. You will want to take a few snapshots during Community Day for a surprise, and oneextra special trade can be made during the event and two hours after the event with a maximum of two for the day. Trades made during the event and two hours after the event will require 50% less Stardust.

You will be able to pick up the Community Day Special Research Story: Strong Stuff for $1.

There will also be a special one-time-purchase Community Day Box available for 850 PokeCoins, featuring 15 Ultra Balls, 15 Pinap Berries, 1 Elite Fast TM, and 1 Remote Raid Pass. A bundle containing 30 Ultra Balls will be available in the shop at no cost.

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