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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: you won't realise how powerful the ghillie suit is until you see this GIF

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' ghillie suit may be the most powerful incarnation of the camo in all of video games.

Those new to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may not know that there's a ghillie suit in the game. This very powerful form of camouflage can only be found in air drops, and even then, it's not very common.

If you're lucky enough to have it, the suit will cover your entire body in leaves, making you virtually invisible in the vast majority of open terrain in the game. Just how invisible? Watch the GIF above from Reddit user brokenex to get an idea.

Despite looking right at him, the player had no idea our ghillied up friend is hiding in one of the bushes in front of him. You don't even need a sniper rifle to complete the set, you'll be just as deadly with any weapon.

Maybe this will get you to chase the next airdrop you see in the game.

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